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Painfully slow shaders compile time SOLUTION: Go to Epic Games\Games\UE_5.0EA\Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini, open the file, CTRL + F and find... Also, DO NOT CHANGE ShaderCompilationWorker priority to High or Realtime it will do not anything other than freezing. The Cloth Shading Model enables you to recreate materials that best mimic cloth. This includes a thin "fuzz" layer across the cloth surface simulating how light interacts and works with these types of materials. The Coalition used to wait 30 minutes for UE4 editor to compile all shaders in order to open a level. They were in need for UE4 acceleration in order to accelerate the shader compilation times. Incredibuild came to the rescue and offered UE4 acceleration to dramatically cut shader compilation time, transforming level load times and minimizing.
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